Our Sauce

Our deliciously low carb sauce compliments any meat on the planet & is a great gift! Our dipping sauce is a secret recipe delight that is just as delicious on grilled fish as it is as a veggie dip on salads! It all sounds so yummy! Have some sauce, dipping sauce or a combination of the two, shipped to your door today!

Duluth Restaurant Menu
Title:Big Daddy Starters Item:Bar-B-Que Onion Dip-4.95 Item:Fried Okra Starter-5.95 Item:Cheese Fries (add protein for 3.00)-5.95 Item:Hickory-Smoked Sausage Half Lb-7.95 Item:Hickory-Smoked Sausage Whole Lb-14.95 Item:Big Daddy Nachos-7.95 Item:Stadium Nachos-7.95 Item:Smokehouse Quesadilla-7.95 Title:The Originals Item:Slab-21.95 Item:Half Slab-12.45 Item:Rib Sandwich-8.95 Item:Half Chicken-7.95 Title:Sandwiches Item:Big Daddy BBQ Sandwich with the works-7.95 Item:BBQ Sandwich with the works + side-7.95 Item:Big Daddy BBQ Sandwich-7.95 Item:Traditional BBQ Sandwich + side-7.95 Item:Dream Burger (Add Cheese .50)-8.95 Title:Bar-B-Que Plates Item:Combo Plate-13.95 Item:Rib Plate-12.95 Item:BBQ Pork or Chicken Plate-10.95 Item:Smoked Sausage Plate-10.95 Item:Chicken Tender Plate-10.95 Item:Half Chicken Plate-10.95 Item:Grilled Chicken Breast-10.95 Title:Family Favorites Item:Tips and Chips-8.95 Item:Spicy Boneless Rib Wrap-7.95 Item:BBQ Chicken Ranch Wrap-7.95 Item:Big Daddy Wings-9.95 Item:Dream Wings-9.95 Title:Salads n Such Item:Smokehouse Cobb Salad-9.95 Item:BBQ Baker-7.95 Item:Brunswick Stew-3.25/5.25 Title:Southern Sides Note:Baked Beans / Cole Slaw / Potato Salad /Mac & Cheese Item:Single-1.95 Item:Half Pint-3.95 Item:Pint-5.95 Item:Quart-8.95 Item:Mac and Cheese (Quart)-9.25 Item:Single Fried Okra-2.95 Item:French Fries/Housemade Chips Side-2.95 Item:French Fries/Housemade Chips Large-5.95 Item:Baked Potato with Butter and Sour Cream-2.95 Item:Add Cheese-.50 Title:Desserts Note:Banana Pudding and Chocolate Dream Item:Single-2.00 Item:Cup-4.00 Item:Pint-8.00 Item:Quart-12.00 Item:Pecan Pie/A la Mode- 4.70/6.20 Item: Peach Cobbler/A la Mode- 4.40/5.90 Title:Kid's Menu Note:(12 & Under/includes 1 side + drink) Item:BBQ Pork or Chicken Sandwich-5.25 Item:Chicken Tenders-4.95 Item:Grilled Cheese-4.25 Item:Kids Burger (Add Cheese .50)-5.25 Title:Beverages Note:Freshly Brewed Tea Item:Tea (Unsweet & Sweet)-2.65 Item:Coca-Cola Product & Lemonade-2.65