• What type of slabs are served and how many people will a slab feed?

    We serve only the finest pork spare ribs. All slabs have 12 bones and one slab will feed 2 to 3 people.

  • How is the food packed and how should it be upon arrival?

    The product is fully cooked, vacuum sealed, frozen and packed on dry ice in a styrofoam cooler to keep it cold. When your package arrives, the dry ice should be completely evaporated and the product cool to the touch. If there is still some dry ice remaining, do not touch the ice directly. Do not eat the product if it arrives with an internal temperature over 60 degrees F.

  • How does the shipping process work?

    For a detailed and complete view of how shipping works, please read our shipping disclaimer by clicking here. The questions below are just our most commonly asked questions and in no way are meant to be an overview of the shipping process. Please note that all tracking numbers are emailed from a UPS email address and you will be received this email after 3pm CST on the day your package is shipped. Again, please read our disclaimer by clicking here to understand our processes.

  • How do I find out what shipping options I have?

    When in the checkout process, there is a page where you put in the shipping information. After you fill the shipping information out, click the button in the bottom right hand corner that says Find Shipping Methods. After you click that, a box with shipping options will appear. Click on the gray drop down arrow to see all of the shipping options and prices available for the items you ordered and the day you are placing your order. If a type of shipping is not shown in the drop down box, then the option is not available. For example, if you want to order the 2 Slab Package and ship it using ground to Dallas, TX but the option for ground does not appear in your drop-down box, that means that you cannot send the perishable 2 Slab Package to that address using ground and be able to guarantee it will arrive before the product spoils. The website will not give shipping options that are not approved and safe for your order. Before you finalize your order, read the disclaimer page. This page explains all the shipping options in detail. Orders placed on a Thursday or Friday follow different shipping rules and usually ship out the following Monday except in the situations described on the disclaimer.

  • Which days can I send out a package 2 day air?

    Two-day air packages can only be shipped on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to arrive 2 business days later. Any package going out must be ordered by 3pm CST to be shipped that day. Any order placed for 2-day air after 3pm CST on a Wednesday will not ship until the following Monday unless Saturday Delivery is picked.

  • How do I specify a specific ship or delivery date?

    If you are placing an order and do not want it shipped until a later date, you can include the ship date or desired delivery date in the special instructions section on the checkout page. Please be sure to read the disclaimer first to ensure that your package can be delivered on the date you would like and which shipping option to choose.

  • Will UPS leave the package if there is no one to sign for it?

    In most cases, UPS will leave the package but they will not leave it at a location that they feel is unsafe for the package, in a high traffic area (such as an apartment) or at a location that has had a lost package claim filed before. Make sure that someone will be available to either receive the package on the day it arrives or be able to pick up the package at a UPS facility the same day if it is not left. We are not responsible for packages not picked up from UPS before they spoil nor are we responsible for packages left outside for a long period of time or delivered when someone is out of town.

  • When does the food need to be taken out of the box after it arrives?

    The food needs to be taken out of the box as soon as possible on the day it arrives. If you plan on eating the food within 4 days of receiving it, you can store it in the refrigerator. If you do not plan on eating the food within 4 days then store it in the freezer. We are not responsible for spoiled food that was not taken out of the box immediately upon receipt and put into the freezer or fridge.

  • How long does it take to thaw the ribs, pork, or sausage?

    The meat can be thawed within 2-3 hours in cold water or they can be thawed in the refrigerator within 12 hours. There is a tendency for the meat to be tough when thawed in water so we recommend thawing in the fridge overnight.

  • Will there be heating instructions in my package?

    Each food package will contain an insert with heating directions on one side and our history on the other side.

  • Why do you send gift cards via UPS and not regular mail?

    We do not send our gift cards via regular mail as there is no way to track them or guarantee a delivery date. Also, if the card is sent through UPS and lost, UPS will replace it.

  • Do you ship overseas or to an APO address?

    We can ship our perishable products (ribs, pork, sausage, etc.) to some parts of Canada but not to any other country. We also cannot ship perishable products to an APO address. To place an order to Canada or to a military address, please call 1-800-752-0544. We can ship our sauce, dressing and retail items to almost every country and those orders must also be placed over the phone.

  • Do you have any Dreamland greeting cards? Where do I write my greeting card message?

    We have some great Dreamland only greeting cards. You can purchase your greeting card in your shopping basket and can write your message for the greeting card there

  • How do I contact one of the restaurants?

    You can see all our locations by clicking here. Just click on which location you would like to see information on and you will see their contact information and their menu.

  • How do I contact the shipping department?

    We are open and able to process orders Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 3:00 pm CST. We can be reached via email at contactus@dreamlandbbq.com or by phone at 1-800-752-0544.

  • How can I get a shipping quote?

    Shipping quotes are available online: proceed through the checkout process and available shipping options for your order will be provided (click the drop-down arrow to activate the drop-down box to view all shipping options). You can also receive a shipping quote via email by providing your ship to zip code and what you intend on ordering. If you do not send all required information, we will not be able to provide a quote for you. Our shipping charges are calculated by distance and weight. Send quote request to contactus@dreamlandbbq.com

  • Do I have to pay sales tax on my order?

    Sales tax is only charged on items being shipped to an address in Alabama. The sales tax for such items is 4%. Sales tax is not added to a gift card purchase.

  • How do I contact one of the catering departments?

    All our catering departments, the contact information and their catering menus, if available, can be found by clicking here.